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Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing

Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing

Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life ChangingCoaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing

Emotional freedom technique


What is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT or Tapping) is a combination of ancient acupressure and modern cognitive behavioral therapy. Saying a cognitive phrase while using fingertips to tap on the meridian points in your body, you’re able to neutralize the amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for your fight-or-flight response. In these modern times, with all this stimulation, your amygdala can’t tell the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat. In other words, watching a car accident in a movie or TV show can release stress hormones into your body as if you have actually been in a car accident. Crazy!

When you’re over releasing the stress hormone- cortisol- into your body, this can cause all sorts of issues. Heightened anxiety and stress, weight gain, high blood pressure, acne, hair loss, short term memory loss, changes in sleep, and emotional overwhelm. Avoiding your emotions can reek havoc on your physical and emotional health.

EFT is proven to drastically reduce stress levels, neutralize trauma triggers, improve peak performance and overall health and wellness.

How does one perform this magic technique? Watch the video below.

How to Tap