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Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing

Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing

Coaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life ChangingCoaching, Tapping, Thetahealing, Life Changing


George is gifted with compassion and insight. Because she actively cares and actively listens, she able to help clients uncover subconscious aspects to their problems that may not be readily apparent- and once she uncovers these, she gives you the tools to break through them. She demystifies the EFT process and makes it accessible to skeptics, cynics, and those who would normally avoid non-traditional methods of healing. - Jordan K.

Working with George one-on-one, using her methods, has made a tremendous difference for me in my own personal performance. Our sessions helped reveal several blocks that I did not realize were causing me not to reach my full potential. I believe George has a gift of incredible intuition and can help you have the breakthroughs you need to accomplish any goal! -Elainne G.

My experience in working with George is that she skillfully and easily helps me get to the heart of the matter so that I can start clearing the most important stuff first. Her passion and belief for these modalities and continual learning is order to help others is inspirational!  -Kelly L.


During the most trying times of my life I have turned to George for empathy, solace, perspective, and help with building a plan to address my obstacles. The patience and wisdom George bestows upon me and her other clients is remarkable. Never before have I encountered a  young professional with such emotional intelligence and clarity. A year ago I weighed almost 300 lbs. I didn't recognize myself and I lost sight of my potential and goals. George introduced me to EFT, and with her support, guidance, and diligence, I was able to lose 100 lbs and counting! With George's help I've transitioned to a natural lifestyle, I'm discovering self-esteem again, and I've made several lasting changes to my physical and emotional health. - Jennifer K.

I have suffered from severe depression and PTSD for many years, and also have an eating disorder. I have utilized traditional therapy since I was 28. I am 60. This helped me a lot for awhile, but in recent years I have started having overwhelming panic and grief which has left me disabled. I began seeing George, who was referred to me by The Tapping Solution website. I've been seeing her for five months and am already having amazing results that years of traditional therapy could not bring about. I'm much less depressed, have much less panic, and am abstinent from food binging. I'm taking much better care of myself than ever before because of the work that I've been doing with George. She is awesome, positive, motivational, and knows her stuff. -Raylene D.

George made  a huge impact on my life in the space of 10 minutes in spring of 2014. I had been a heavy coffee drinker for the last 20 years averaging 1-2 pots per day. I haven't had any success getting off coffee until George took me through a simple process called EFT. I did not feel any different after the session other than being relaxed. However, the next morning when it came time to seat the daily routine of getting the caffeine going, I did not want any coffee. So I went a day without coffee. And the next, and the next until my co-workers were asking what happened. Four months later and I am still coffee free!" -Richard P.

What a treat! Or should I say necessity? From the instant I met her, George effortlessly put me at ease- almost as if we were old friends. Which, in my opinion, is the key for the success of our tapping sessions. In a very short amount of time, I was in joyful tears and I knew that we were getting to the root of my issues. At the conclusion of a session, you may feel utterly and completely exhausted, but only because you feel so relieved and cleansed and free of whatever burden you may have had at the beginning. Do yourself a favor and meet with this wonderful, energetic, and caring young woman. -Beth H.

For years I felt the quality of my life slipping away because of constant pain and overwhelming grief and sorrow.  I went to the traditional medical doctors seeking relief through drugs, invasive tests and various surgeries searching for a solution to my never-ending physical problems.  I read somewhere that experts believe at least 85 or even higher percent of chronic illness is caused by your emotions. . . so with that in mind, I began to see therapists and other experts in the field of dealing with emotions.  Lots of traditional talking and some drugs but again no real solution.

And then I met George, a remarkable woman with wisdom and intuitive knowledge beyond her years.  She has tremendous ability to listen while you share your life's experiences and hear the root causes of your problems.  Then George offers the solution through EFT or tapping.  My weekly tapping sessions changed my life in a few months.  I am so amazed how quickly I progressed to the sense of mental and physical well-being I have today.  I would recommend George and EFT (tapping) to anyone.  For me, EFT is a real life saver." -Linda A

ACT trains and works with you to help you let go of trauma, old patterns, and all the negative messages received throughout life that influence and hold you back every single day. George coaches you to get out of your own way and really harness your life to be what you genuinely want it to be. She teaches you tapping methods to aid with physical ailments, she assigns homework that provokes deep reflection and self work. She listens to your perspective, offers alternatives and really analyzes not only why you perceive what you do, but encourages you to shift your sight and collect all the perspectives of the situation-feelings-trauma.. whatever you are working through. I highly recommend ACT, her program continues to change my life for the better. -Shawna C.